Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Headshots and miniscule movements!

Head shots involve so many variables in angles that it's almost infinite on what the outcome may be. As I scrolled through my shoot of about 45 shots I realized that one image looks ok and then the next where I shot within 1 second later looks totally awesome. They are almost identical yet one jumps off the page where the other doesn't. I'm excited to (re)discover angle relationships and how they can impact an image. Make it a goal to understand what angles make an image jump off the page and/or what other variable in relation to angles makes this happen. Maybe it's a correlation between facial expression and posing angles? Maybe it's the lighting incidence angle? Maybe it's nothing at all and simply preference.

Two light setup. Softbox on left and background light. I used a $1 car visor for a fill and since my white shirt was reflecting in the glasses I took it off (I had another black tee on) and used it to diffuse my background light. For post processing I decided to use a split tone green and remove some saturation.

(click image for detail)

f/3.5 @ 125th
ISO 100