Thursday, September 25, 2008


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This past mothers day my father decided to sell his Avalanche truck for he could purchase my mother a Corvette. She drove around that mothers day giving people rides with a huge smile on her face. It was awesome! So, now it's September and we decided to take the Vette out to some country roads and do a shoot. We choose to shoot in the morning where the sky and ground would have some feeling. After we shot I decided I wanted to try the same sort of shoot with sundown to compare the differences on sunup/sundown. Hopefully we get to that next week and I will make a post of the differences.

The shoot went something like this. I shoot three shots, CAR COMING!, dad runs to move car, me and mom run to the side of the road, car passes, dad reparks the car and while he gets out I'm posing mom, shoot three more shots, do it all over. I only have this shot out of post so far. I'll get to the rest next week.

Shot with:
Canon 20D
Vivitar 285HV Flash

Friday, September 19, 2008

Digital Camera's in the Future

I was over on Model Mayhem tonight and there was a good topic started titled "The next big photographic movement." I was feeling my brain juices moving around and decided to start throwing ideas on the table. Enjoy!

• HDR capture. Exposure established in post [ARTFORM's made this one up]
Solid state hard drive IN the camera. (drives made, not in caeras yet)
• built in Wi-Fi to transfer images to anywhere you want (already made, not built in)
• multi lens to capture full Depth of Field, choose DoP in post (already made)
• retouching tools in-camera
• auto tagging a persons name, gender, hair color, eye color, etc.. to meta data by facial/feature recognition (already being used in software..not in camera yet)
Retina scan of photographer shooting the image and auto-tagging the metadata with the photographers information (personal and business)
• [b]since our future camera has Wi-Fi..whatever info the retina scan takes from the photographers eye shooting the image automatically transfers a thumbnail of the image and the photographers information to the Orphan Works Database[/b]
• the ability to auto configure strobe power by noting their distance from the subject...of course programmable modes and "auto" modes for different automatic light ratios (the subject would only need to wear a pin-head sized chip to get that working) Even busy mom can nail lighting ratios at home! Yaay!

If you have any fun ideas to share, comment away!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Canon and iPhone ...together.

If you are like anyone else who has messed with someone elses iPhone for an evening it's hard not to go out and buy one. It's a killer device.

If you shoot Canon and have an iPhone, your cell phone just became your cameras new best friend. Well, that is because the sexiness of the Canon:WFT-E2 wireless device became involved. If you don't know, Canon's wireless device (WFT-E2) attachs to your camera and allows transmission of images from the camera directly to another wireless device, like a laptop, NAS storage device (Drobo anyone?!), or you guessed it, the iPhone. With NAS and Drobo you would have to be shooting in the range of those devices, like a studio. But, with an iPhone this opens up to being able to shoot on location while transfering your images to your iPhone as you shoot them.