Sunday, May 24, 2009

Photography Workshop - Hit The Lodge

The most profitable photography workshop I have attended is one that doesn't have rows of tables trying to sell me items. It isn't held in a huge hotel conference room with hundreds of people where you feel alone in a crowd. It doesn't even require you to have a fancy wrist band to get around the area. If you have not heard of such a workshop it's named "Hit The Lodge" and is only one amazing workshop out of many put on each year by Supershoots.

Here are some things you will be able to learn about at the Hit The Lodge event this year!

  • Learn techniques in Fashion, Glamour, Commercial, Beauty,
    Photojournalism, Portraits, Fine Art Figure, and Swimwear.
  • Outstanding instructors and mentors who are there to help you.
  • Learn different lighting styles in Studio and on Natural Light
  • Photograph beautiful models prepped with professional make up artistry!
  • Enhance your portfolio, galleries, window display and self promotion pieces
  • NEW for 2009 - Fine art figure seminars with dK
  • Light Room, Adobe Photoshop, and Retouching Seminars taught by...ME!
Yes, come see me teach on post production retouching techniques using Lightroom and Photoshop. It will be a great time to ask anything you are curious about with this software!

The duration of this event is 5 days. Plenty of time to fill the brain with all of the information you are looking for! The dates of the event is
June 11-15 and is located in Pike County, Illinois.

If you can not make this event there are plenty of other events this year. Come to (instead of .com) to be apart of the Supershoots community. Post images to your portfolio, post to the forum, write other users, take a walk on the runway. Come see what the hype is about! And, if you create an account, don't forget to add me and say hello! My portfolio is here!

Read a post I made about last years Hit The Lodge event here.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

You can create great images with...

...whatever gear you currently have. If you are like me you have that small voice, usually around tax refund time, that says "If I get [new photography toy] I will have better images!"

I'm a firm believer that if one can not attain images they feel are great now, with their current equipment, purchasing more equipment will not solve that issue.

I believe the most powerful tool a photographer can have is the ability to create a great image with whatever is available.

I want to get your feet wet in how you can find out for yourself if you have this powerful tool.

Imagine you have a well paid shoot. You are using three strobe/flashes. A main, a fill, and a hair light. So, you know what the lighting at this shoot is going to look like. You setup your lights and find out that one of your three lights is not functioning.

It's at this point where we can cross that line of amateur to professional. If you have fear and can't think what else to do, then you are lacking in your ability to create great images. But, if you let go of the idea of that third light and shift into two-light-mode, then you are on your way of becoming more successful [and useful] than the photographers around you.

It's tough to deal with these situations because we had an expectation of what our three light setup was going to look like. But, if we have used two or one light to create great images before, loosing this third light will only be an inconvenience rather then a disaster.


that's what makes a professional.

One who can make the best out of a given situation. These are the people who get hired, who get noticed, who make a name for themselves.

I encourage you to learn how to use one, two, and three lights incredibly well. And of course so many other things could go wrong. Syncs, remotes, camera breaks, power cable wasn't packed, lens isn't working, etc...

Try not to rely on expectations. They will only let you down if not met. Go with the flow and make the best out of what you have. As you become flawless with little you will be able to become flawless with much.

The above image is Becky looking amazing!