Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Please WAIT !!!

Exactly. Wait... It's difficult to do, especially when starting out in photography. Our inherent feeling is to not wait, to go, to move, to be what I would say overly active. I still move around too much during live shoots, out of sheer excitement I would say. At times it can be a struggle between 'shooting' and 'producing.'

What's the difference? I personally see 'shooting' as a "press-the-shutter okay we are done" type of approach where obtaining images is the goal. Compare that to a 'producing' approach where everything is considered before the shutter is released. Lighting, positioning, camera settings, lens, angle, distance, personal vision, professional vision, and timing. Maybe not a complete list and maybe not in that order, but all should be considered before pressing the shutter.

You know that feeling you get while looking through an entire shoot of images and there is that one image that makes you feel excited inside? This is the feeling to start searching for before squeezing the shutter release. I promise the pain that there is in starting to approach photography in this manner will fade quickly once you see how good you can be when actually taking the time to 'produce' an image!

The shot above is a band hailing from Peoria Illinois, Cygnus Loop.

Canon 10D - Manual Mode
f/5.6 @ 1/90th
24mm (17-28 Tamron Lens)
Flash - Vivitar 285hv