Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Outdoor Wedding Photography

Since I shoot weddings solo it was a ton of work shooting two in one week. So many files and post production to work on!

It wasn't too difficult to shoot the first wedding when the two getting married both model and are friends of yours. Makes things a tad bit easier! Kris and Ty (in the image posted) chose this area to shoot in which I have never been to before. I brought with me portable power and two strobes.

I needed both strobes on almost full power to balance out the sunlight in the background. It was really REALLY bright out that day! I used my camera and light meter to get exposures correct buuuut my light meters battery is dying and it's readings are not accurate. So, I had to squint to see my histogram and used my instincts.

To my surprise the exposures came out excellent! All I needed to do was bump the color warmer and clean up some junk on the ground.

Congratulation Kris & Ty on your marriage! You two totally rock!

Canon 20D
1/125 @ f/10