Friday, December 5, 2008

Critiquing Images

Have you ever analyzed what goes through your mind when critiquing an image?

This post could be a bit on the psychological side, but it's important to know why we think what we think, for if we know what our viewers (target audience/client) are thinking certainly that helps in knowing what to shoot to obtain the best images possible.

Critique's can change depending on if you were asked to critique an image or if you were doing it out of your own will. It seems to also depend on who's work is being critiqued. It could be a stranger, a friend, or someones work you admire or that you don't. Such things will change how we process an image in our minds.

The first thing I notice when viewing an image is lines, shape, and color. Next are angles, depth/DoF, and contrast.

From those six components, that only take a split second to analyze, mostly subconsciously, I form a feeling about the image as a whole.

From the above process I then start to critique certain aspects of the image. Example, a certain shape or color rubs me wrong and then I begin my critique of what would make the image feel better to me.

Similar to 2 posts ago, it's about the feel of an image. Find the right feel and you have found yourself the right image.