Saturday, January 5, 2008

Chelsea from Vegas

I worked on about 1/2 of the Vegas images right after we got back. Here it is 4 or 5 months later and I realized that I didn't retouch some images to send to the models. I probably missed 3 or 4 models and they never got an image from me! ahh!

See, since I'm a mentor at the photography seminars I have to set an example of shooting the models AND send them their images. The models work really hard for several days and hear "you look great!" or "this shot is awesome, check it out on the back of my camera!" but then a month after the event have to find that photographer on the internet and ask them for the images. I'm never 'that' photographer, but I'm afraid I almost become 'that' one.

Anyhow, the image above is of Chelsea. I finished retouching her earlier this evening. I did a lot of work on this image, but it may not look like it, which is my goal. If it looks over-retouched, then I have failed at keeping the image close to its original representation. Highlights in the hair were hand brushed. Several filters and overlays were used to bring out the texture in the back wall. A couple of warming techniques were used. Basic skin cleaning, but not much. Her skin was 85-90% of what it likes like on the final image. I made here eyes like jewels since they are the strong point of the image. I actually shot it in 3rd's and didn't crop in post. That isn't usually the case. Anyhow, to see the image better, click on it.